Fouad S. Rasheed (Retired Judge)

Mr. Rasheed has practiced Iraqi Law for over 35 years, including 30 full years as a Judge in the Courts of Iraq, from 1979 through 2010. Few legal professionals in Iraq possess Mr. Rasheed’s experience or stature. He now acts as a special legal counsel and senior expert advisor to the Dler Law Office.

After graduating from the Judicial Institute in Baghdad, Mr. Rasheed was appointed Chairman Judge of the Juvenile Court. He was then promoted to Chairman Judge in the Court of Offence. He went on to become the Chairman Judge of the Court of Felonies, and then became the Chairman Judge of the Attorney General of Kurdistan. His range of experience is exceptionally broad; he has acted as Chairman Judge of the Committee Council of Castigation of Government Official Employees, Chairman Judge of Terrorism Court in Kurdistan, Chairman Judge of the Enforcement Office in Kurdistan, Supervisor of the High Commission Supervising the Election in Kurdistan, Chairman of the Lawyer’s Retirement Fund in Kurdistan, Judge of Customs Court in Kurdistan, and Chairman Judge of Family Court in Kurdistan.

Mr. Rasheed, whose experience and expertise qualifies him as a genuine legal scholar, has been very generous in sharing his knowledge with the academic world. America’s University of DePaul School of Law hired Mr. Rasheed to teach Iraqi civil procedure in a comparative law context, and the University of Salah Aldeen College of Law in Iraq hired Mr. Rasheed to teach both students and staff about pleading procedures. Also, in a special collaboration with DePaul University, Mr. Rasheed taught at the International Human Rights Law Institute.

Practice Areas
· Business and Commercial Law
· Civil Litigation and Criminal Cases
· Tax Law
· Family Law

Bars and Courts
Admitted to practice:
· Juvenile Court
· Court of Offences
· Court of Felonies

Notable Positions
· Chairman Judge of Attorney General
· Chairman of Committee Council of Castigation of Official Employees
· Chairman Judge of Terrorism Court

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