Practice Areas

Dler Law Office’s practice areas include Iraq/Kurdistan business law, company law, contract law, tax law, labor law, oil and gas law, investment law, ministerial regulations, residency cards, and visas. Our services include the following:

  • Company establishment with the Ministry of Trade, and renewal of your company’s file;
  • Negotiation with potential business partners; due diligence on such partners;
  • Contract drafting: from simple agreements for the purchase of goods and services in Iraq, to the structuring of complex international joint ventures;
  • Litigation, by the most experienced litigators in Kurdistan;
  • Assisting oil companies and oil service companies with the documentation and permits necessary for the import and export of equipment through MNR, and all other administrative requirements of MNR;
  • Registration of company’s valuable equipment with the Notary Public office;
  • Taxes and social security obligations;
  • Labor law: advising HR departments on localization requirements, training and professional development, performance evaluations, probation periods, remuneration, benefits, and dismissals;
  • Legal protection: Dler Law Office has developed court proven legal strategies to limit a company’s liability for the acts and omissions of the company’s management and employees, including acts and omissions while they are on duty;
  • Residency cards and visas for company employees, and for company managers who are visiting Iraq on business.

Dler Law Office has deep expertise in Iraq litigation. An important point that we communicate to all of our clients is that our deep expertise in litigation makes us the perfect and logical choice for handling your business transactions. In the courts, we’ve seen which contracts work, which contracts fail, and why. Again and again we’ve seen business structures which to the outside observer would appear solid and strong, but which in reality are soft, weak, and vulnerable to legal attack. Through litigation we’ve learned how to offer real legal protection before any problems begin.

We are particularly proud of our work in the oil and gas field. We advise oil and gas companies and oil service companies on all stages of establishing and operating a business in Iraq. We combine our legal counsel with practical, hands on advice, helping our clients navigate the complexities of actually doing business in Iraq and Kurdistan. We provide expert assistance in critical areas necessary to bid on and execute government contracts and private contracts in Iraq, and we also offer litigation and dispute resolution services on diverse commercial, civil and criminal matters. Contact us today to schedule a free initial legal consultation.

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